Past Puppies

Past Puppies with new Families

This is “Amazing Grace” with Larry in Virginia. He is part of one of the sweetest families you will ever meet!!    We are so happy to find such wonderful people to love one of our precious pups!!

Seller review from Puppyfind – Amazing Grace’s Gift ( Amazing Grace) is the name.We first want to thank the LORD for this blessing he has given us from this breeder. You can trust them completely. They go beyond the call of duty for you and have been a blessing to us. We now have new friends in Tenn. I had two bad experience from Puppyfind and now finally a happy ending with Southland. Our little Amazing Grace is very loving, beautiful and so precious. The best news you want to hear is from our Vet. A beautiful and healthy puppy. What more could you ask for? We have seen the other pups and they are all so cute. They could all be show dogs and their hair is beautiful. The last thing I need to tell you is God’s gift. If you’re not 100% sure about going to heaven, read Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 5:12, Romans 6:23, and Romans 10:9-13. This is really the best news and it’s a free gift. You don’t have to work your way to heaven, Christ payed it all. Titus 3:5-7. Be ready to meet the LORD. Email me with any questions


Here is Gizmo in his cute haircut! He now lives close to us in Tennessee with his new family. We are so thankful and blessed that our puppies that have left are in such wonderful families. Thank you Masters family!!!

Seller review from Puppyfind – Amazing Grace Shih Tzu – A Loving Home. We began working with Southland Shih Tzu several months before we got our pup. They were always conscientious and prompt in returning calls and emails to answer our questions and keep us informed. We ended up with a precious 5 month old male dog that has been a joy to have in our home. His temperament and calm nature speaks highly of the loving home he was raised in. This breeder recognizes the importance of beginning to housebreak puppies whether they have been adopted or not. We would recommend this breeder as competent, caring and meticulous in their attention to the health and well being of all the dogs in their care. They also only work with Shih Tzu’s so the bloodlines are assured for consistency in size and characteristics true to the breed.

Reviewer: Diane, January 19, 2009


This is LiLing with her new best friends. She went to live with a very sweet lady named Deana in Michigan. LiLing will have a lifetime of joy thanks to this family!! Thank you Deana and family and for your friendship!!

Mandi & Banjo’s first litter

Tabitha and Teddy’s first litter

Chryssi and Banjo’s first litter